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Wisdom Teeth Removal in Cabbagetown & St. Jamestown

About 85% of people will need their wisdom teeth—the third and last set of molars to grow in—removed at some point during their life. We provide this common procedure.

wisdom teeth removal Cabbagetown & St. James

Most people tend to need their wisdom teeth removed because their jaw simply isn’t big enough to accommodate this third set of molars. Without enough room for wisdom teeth to come in, they often become misaligned and even shift nearby teeth.

The removal procedure

The easiest way to prevent problems related to wisdom teeth is to remove them before they grow through the gums—so it does involve minor surgery. The procedure is usually performed in our office under local anesthetic and a mild sedative, so for most people it’s completely painless. After an incision is made in the gums above each tooth, the tooth is removed, and the the tissue is closed with sutures.

We'll provide you with aftercare instructions to manage pain and swelling.

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