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TMJ Disorder in Cabbagetown & St. Jamestown

TMJ disorder can cause inflammation in the joint of your jaw. Symptoms include pain, headaches, and difficulty opening your mouth or swallowing.

Woman experiencing jaw pain

Stress, genetics, injury, or arthritis can all be causes of TMJ disorder—temporomandibular joint disorder. The first step to helping you is diagnosing whether you suffer TMJ disorder or not. To do this, we typically examine your teeth and jaw, discuss your overall health, and determine if you suffer from teeth grinding, arthritis, or other concerns.


Treatment options are aimed at both reducing inflammation, and trying to solve the root causes of the inflammation. These include anti-inflammatory medication, physiotherapy, orthodontic treatment of bite issues or grinding, massage or stretches, and general stress reduction. Once we’ve treated the inflammation, symptoms should subside and you should get relief.