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Cosmetic Dentistry in Cabbagetown & St. Jamestown

From veneers and crowns to contouring and bonding, we can help correct whatever imperfections are keeping your smile from reaching its full potential. Our team is skilled in all major cosmetic dentistry techniques.

Woman looking at smile in mirror

Even though cosmetic dentistry is more about the appearance of your smile than it is about the health of your teeth or gums, it can make a big difference in people’s lives. For those who are self-conscious about their smile, or who are reluctant to show it off, the right cosmetic procedure can mean a life-changing boost in confidence. The cosmetic procedures we offer are quick, easy, and performed right here in our office. So you’ll be on your way to your ideal smile in no time.

Dental veneers are thin shells that are bonded to the front tooth surface—they’re often made from a strong, tooth-coloured porcelain.

Lumineers are a specific brand of ultra-thin and durable veneers that are especially simple and quick to apply.

Contouring and bonding treatments reshape teeth, remove the appearance of stains or chips, or correct spacing between teeth.

Ceramic crowns are bonded to teeth to repair damage and restore both the tooth’s natural appearance and function.

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