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Cabbagetown Family Dentist

Family Dentistry

A dental team your family can grow with

At Cabbagetown Dental Centre, we’re proud to be your Cabbagetown family dentist. We know you’re committed to caring for your children, and so are we.

As a family dentist in Cabbagetown, we are dedicated to making your children feel relaxed during their dental visits. We generally recommend that children come in between the ages of two and three. While they’re often timid in the beginning, we work to show them that there’s nothing to worry about, allowing them to become familiar with this new place, and easing their apprehensions with our caring, nurturing attitude.

We also believe in patient education. We feel it’s crucial to teach your children about the importance of good oral hygiene to ensure they develop and maintain healthy, hygienic habits.

Hey kids, now for some fun and games!

Contact your family dentist at Cabbagetown Dental Centre to learn more about our family dentistry program.