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Dental Restorations

Restoring your smile to perfection

It’s likely that at some point in your life, you’ll have damaged or decaying teeth. It’s a common dental health problem. It’s also painful! That’s why you should call the Cabbagetown Dental Centre in Downtown Toronto if you’re having problems with your teeth. We offer a variety of dental restoration services to repair your smile and keep you healthy.


Do you have a tiny hole in your tooth’s protective enamel? If so, you have a cavity that needs filling! By removing the decayed section of your tooth and filling it with metal or porcelain, we can fix your tooth and relieve your pain.

Filling Tooth Decay Filling


If your tooth is severely decayed, we can protect it by encapsulating it with gold, porcelain fused to metal, or pure white porcelain. This is called a crown, and it will keep your tooth from enduring further damage.

Crown Tooth Decay Crown


When your tooth is damaged in such a way that it threatens its structure, direct fillings are no longer an option. Instead, you may need an inlay. This special dental restoration is made from gold or porcelain and it protects the biting surface and structure of your damaged tooth.


If substantial decay has harmed your tooth’s structure, you may require an onlay. Like an inlay, an onlay protects the biting surface and structure of your tooth, but it also may cover one or more cusp.

Dental Bridges

It’s never fun to lose a tooth, but luckily, we can replace extracted teeth with a bridge – an artificial tooth that connects to your surrounding teeth.

Bridge Missing Teeth Bridge

For more information about our dental restoration services, contact the Cabbagetown Dental Centre today.